Why can’t Australia follow Canada instead of New York?

Recently Em Prof Alan Reid spoke at the Australian College of Educators (SA branch) President’s dinner. He spoke of  the Federal Government’s infatuation with the seriously flawed New York education system. When I saw this from the OECD I thought “Why can’t Australia follow Canada instead of New York?”

In the 2009 OECD Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA), an evaluation of 15-year-old pupils in 65 countries, including the OECD countries, Canada ranked among the top ten performers in reading, mathematics and science. If such results could be attributed to a high number of academic overachievers, they would still be remarkable, but the fact that all pupils–from the highest to the lowest scorers–contributed to the results highlights the equity of the Canadian educational system, where the gap between the highest and lowest scores was one of the narrowest in any OECD country.. … read more

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