iICT (inclusive Information and Communication Technology)

This topic is offered as part of the offerings of Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia as DSRS9064 (Post graduate) and DSRS4102 (Undergraduate)

For further information please contact Dr Greg Carey (greg.carey@flinders.edu.au)

Participation in (or access to the recording soon after) the Weekly on-line webinar each Thursday of Semester at 10 -12 am (Adelaide Time) and consistent weekly participation in on-line forums is expected in this topic.

Preliminary Reading and Preparation

What is iICT all about?

The topic looks at inclusive Information and Communication Technology (iICT). I aim to look at new and emerging technologies that may be useful to people with a disability. It is not about learning how to use a technology (this is covered in augmentative technologies) but how to look at technology with new eyes to see a new use or potential. 

Topic Weekly Outline and Student Workflow  iICT Student Workflow 2016  (2017 available soon, but will be similar with webinar on Thursday am)

PowerPoint: “Reframing Education-The 5Cs of ICT”   UDL2014

Internet of things 

A great summary of change in ICT
Dr. Bill Rankin explains how, throughout history, learning has changed with technology


Bennett and May (2010) Beyond the ‘digital natives’ debate: Towards a more nuanced understanding of students’ technology experiences

Muller, Gove and Webb (2012) Understanding Tablet Use 

Mobility Emerges as the Next Wave of K-12 Education Innovation

Particularly for teachers (Scootle) Apps etc for teaching

McKinsey (2009) Shaping the Future: How good education systems can be great in the decade ahead 

Carey (2011) Victor a New Student  sigILT Winter 2011 Newsletter go to page 8

Carey(2009) Victor a new student – Video

 Social Media Basic

Social Media Home page

Facebook 101- Facebook basics (make sure you look at Basic Privacy Settings)

Internet safety 101 

Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks 101

How to use Twitter

Google scholar (Chinese)  (Australian)

Video How to use Google Scholar

Evernote (Chinese) (English)

How to Use Evernote Video Tutorial Series

inclusive Information Technology