iICT recommendations -Oaklands Wetland

Click on the image below to see the recommendations of how cutting edge technology could improve the experience for visitors with a disability to the  Oaklands Estate Wetlands.

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This report is the culmination of work carried out as part of the Shared DSRS4102/DSRS9064 Technological Applications and Disability Topic – 2014 Semester 1 2014, Disability and Community Inclusion Unit, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.

Thanks to:

Sarah Winter, Louise Umehara, Cheryl Murphy, Christine Georgiou, Karen Lethbridge, Hanni Matta, Michelle Kappler, Tiahna Wareing, Jack Vanikiotis, Weerasekara Mudiyanselage Dhanapala, Rani Wood, Lori Katheappa, Mandy Smith, Jacqueline Bourke, Maryam Salieb, Meg Cooper, Kirsty Gale, Caroline Wright, Teresa Dowding, Janine Hughes, Shirley Davey, Amanda Fernihough, Kelly Jones, Christine Vine, Kerry Bosisto and Jessica Yuen,
            Consolidation and Additions: Andrea Reichl                              Topic Coordinator: Greg Carey

Students studied online and came from South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Egypt, Bangladesh, England and Canada.