DSRS4102 Technological Applications and Disability

Text Book
Units 4.5
Class Contact 10-hours including weekly online lecture, online forum activity, and independent reading
Enrolment not permitted If DSRS3202 has been successfully completed
Assessment Independent and group assignments; online quizes and forum participation
Topic Description This topic provides an overview of the technology available for people with a range of disabilities. Aspects considered include the use of computers in special education and disability services, electronic augmentative communication devices, and the use of the Internet in accessing information related to work in the disability field.
Educational Aims The aim of this topic is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about:

  • A range of technologies and their potential benefits and possible issues for individuals living with disability
  • Searching and critically analysing literature
  • A range of uses for technology linked to particular supports needs aimed at developing increased participation in social relationships, activities of daily living, leisure and community participation, education and vocational pursuits
Expected Learning Outcomes On completion of this topic students will be able to:

LO1:   Demonstrate awareness of the use of ICT in special education and disability services

LO2:   Discuss the range of current technology available to assist people with disabilities to function more independently in education and the general community.

LO3:   Review the available literature in an area of ICT that relevant to disability

LO4:   Demonstrate the ways in which an area of technology may assist a person with a disability in their education and/or other aspects of life.

Participation in (or access to the recording soon after) the Weekly online webinar. (Monday Night  Live ) AND regular  weekly participation (at least 2 timely posts per week) in the weekly online “Outside the Square” forum is expected in this topic.
Your involvement in Monday Night Live (MNL) and “Outside the Square” is reflected in the Moderated self assessment  (Assignment 4)

Workshop sessions are held each Thursday of Semester at 0930 to about 1130 (Adelaide Time) in room S209. for internal students


Monday Night Live (MNL): weekly Online webinar  each Monday of Semester from 1930 to about 2100.

Weekly workshop: Thursday 1000 to about 1300

Weekly Topics

FLO opens: Week 0 (19 -25 February) Orientation week – ITs about Innovation NOT Duplication

Week 1 (26 February – 4 March) Ubiquitous Technology – The Internet of Things (IoT)

Week 2 (5 – 11 March) Ethics, Empowerment, Accessibility and Availability

*** Week 3 (12 – 18 March) Study Week ***

Week 4 (19 – 25 March) Security vs Privacy

Week 5 (26 March – 1 April) Designing for the individual

*** Week 6 (2 – 8 April) Study Week ***

*** Mid Semester Break -week 1 (9 -15 April) ***

*** Mid Semester Break – week 2 (16 – 22 April) ***

Week 7 (23 – 29 April) The 5 Cs – the role of ICT (Assignment 2 Interview due 0900 Monday 23 April)

Week 8 (30 April – 6 May) Connectivity – Connecting to favourite work and entertainment sites with safety and ease encouraging control and independence in work and leisure activities

Week 9 (7 -13 May) Community – Joining with like minded people, doing things you like together

Week 10 (14 -20 May) Collaboration – Encouraging the sharing of data and ideas, both in real time and asynchronously

Week 11 (21 – 27 May) Creativity – Inspiring writing and the manipulation of data, maps and images to present information and ideas in new ways

Week 12 (28 May – 3 June) Curation – A place to collect, store, categorise and collate data for easy retrieval at a later date

Week 13 (4-10 June) Creating a Vision of ICT for empowerment

Week 14 (11-17 June) Exam week

Assessment Outline

Undergrad Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography Technology and a specific disability group DUE Monday 26 March 0900 20% (DSRS4102 only)

Assignment 2 Interview a person with a Disability about use of technology due 0900 Monday 23 April 25%

Assignment 3: Develop an eBook “Apps for People with Disabilities” (Group activity) DUE Monday 18 June 0900 35%

Assignment 4: Moderated self reflection (Synthesis of your learning) OPENS Monday 4 June 0600: CLOSES Friday 8 June 0900) 10%

Assignment 5 Online final examination (90 min) OPENS Saturday 08 June 0600 CLOSES Tuesday 12 June 0900) 20%