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APTUS  CLASSROOM WITHOUT WALLS Transforming the teaching-learning experience with low-cost innovative technology (Aptus-Brochure)



The Raspberry Pi Zero is a tiny computer that costs $5  LINK

Introducing PIZERO from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.


Hesperian Health Guides


Hesperian Health Guides is a nonprofit health information and health education source that supports individuals and communities in their struggles to realize the right to health. They develop easy to read materials that are produced in many languages

                            Hesperian Health Guides

(Free) Disabled Village Children                                           Capture
This manual contains a wealth of clear and detailed information along with easy-to-implement strategies for all who are concerned about the well being of children with disabilities, especially those living in communities with limited resources. LINK

(Free) Helping Children Who Are Blind                                 Capture2
The simple and engaging activities in this book can help parents, caregivers, teachers, health workers, rehabilitation workers, and others help a child with vision problems develop all of his or her capabilities LINK

(Free) Helping Children Who Are Deaf                                    Capture.3PNG
This groundbreaking book, packed with activities on how to foster language learning through both sign and oral approaches, supports parents and other caregivers in building the communication skills of babies and young children. – LINK

(Free) A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities    Capture4
Developed with the participation of women with disabilities in 42 countries, this guide helps women to overcome the barriers of social stigma and inadequate care to improve their general health, self-esteem, and independence. – LINK

(Free) Resources from other organizations LINK


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