Shared Portable Moodle – Spoodle

A free, customisable USB-run copy of your Moodle to support remote students developed by Steve Grono – University of New England (UNE)

A Welcome from Steve Grono: As we increasingly use Learning Management Systems like Moodle to deliver online learning to more people, the learning materials we provide to them also becomes increasingly multimodal. Instead of just being able to provide a flat printed booklet, or a couple of PDFs on a CD and calling it a day, the materials we provide are now full of videos, images, audio, interactive activities, quizzes, and so-on to support learning. The spaces we build to support this learning are often carefully scaffolded so learning occurs in a particular sequence and structure.

So if someone who wants to learn doesn’t have internet, or can only get online once a week, does this mean they won’t have these same opportunities?

Spoodle – Shared Portable Moodle – is a project to develop a lighter, adapted version of Moodle to run directly from a flash drive, which can be loaded with your course materials and provided to the student. This will allow them to access all of your course materials in their full context, with all the related Moodle activities and resources along with it, even when they don’t have internet access.

We’re hoping this project will help to support students in rural & remote environments with poor or inconsistent internet access, as well as those who may find themselves with limited connectivity due to their work or life commitments.

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